Let's Start This!

Well, I'd like to think a journal/blog/etc would be a great recollection and reflection on my day-to-day activity. I ought to start.

This first blog ought to be long because it is going to revisit the last few weeks. It will be disorganized, too :p

You might vehemently disagree with my views [in this blog]. So be it.
Conservatives and religious people will most likely dislike this.
I encourage you to read with an open mind.
Don't discount me because I don't share your views.
REALIZE why I think the way I do and UNDERSTAND my arguments.
I welcome debate if you would like to debate with me.

You may have met me before, but I am now a "new person."
This summer has completely changed my life.

I've quit playing WoW for good and reinvented my entire life philosophy.

I attended a panel at King's College that dealt with atheism. I wasn't very religious after my father had left my life, but was very active when attending CCD. A friend started asking me questions about religion that I could not answer and I just let all of it pass with the horrible argument "Well, I just believe." No one really probed my mind so I never took a step back from religion.

The search for the meaning of life in my ethics class also propelled much skepticism and doubt. I decided that religion was not an answer to the meaning of life.

I feel that a great portion of my life had be wasted and tainted by religion. I lived life under the premise of an imaginary sky god watching my every move, thought, etc. If I were to be good this life would simply be a transitory one and Heaven would be the goal. Heaven, though, is a lie.

I decided to embark on a great deal of personal reflection, skepticism, and research. I started reading The God Delusion and decided that God was imaginary. It didn't seem to be much of a big deal at the moment, but when I did more research and thinking it really was. I decided I had to do something about this revelation and change my life.

I want to share my ideas with others and perhaps expose people to the truth. There almost certainly is no god.

I'm not going to be good because God says so. I'm going to be good because it is the best I can be. I share life on this earth with every other human and animal. Why would I not be good?

I want to look at laws and ethics with a fresh outlook. I will decide what is best for humans and our lives.

I've so much to discuss, think, and question with my new outlook.

I will contend that most people are religious because they don't know otherwise. Many people, including my mother, think that "you can't stop believing"....hmmm sounds Journeyish :p
Of course we can! We can believe what we want to believe, but feigning belief is an odd thing. How can we choose to believe in something we no longer believe in?

I've been reading a great deal of literature this summer from various authors. This is so important to me and is a great investment of my time! I'm currently not working, but I will be when college restarts in a week. I'm very excited to return and this will certainly be the best semester ever! With my new life outlook I want to make the best possible usage of my time and money at King's. An education is so important! I can't wait to write, study, and learn new information