Hate Mail Montage from December!

During December of 2009, I filed a complaint about an unconstitutional religious display at the Luzerne County Courthouse - this letter was sent.

The nativity scene and menorah were taken down along with the snowman behind the tree as evidenced in this press release. Because of this, I received a great deal of hate mail, hate, threats, etc from residents of Luzerne County.

If you'd like to read all of the media coverage including newspaper articles, television appearances and stories, and everything else, feel free to browse through my "December 2009" section of my blog.

I've been putting off posting all of the hate mail from my King's inbox...I now am finally posting it. This isn't everything negative, but it is a great deal of it. There are still archived comments in articles to post, but I'll get to that later.

After this experience, a person can not tell me that religious moderates are not bad people, religion doesn't cause people to behave poorly, religion is not dangerous, etc.

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