Catholic League: Homosexuals are Sexual Deviants

Catholic.Org and the Catholic League really love making stupid, ignorant, and false comments regarding homosexuals and many other topics. Recently, Elton John said the following,

I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.

After this seemingly harmless comment, Bill Donohue, as usual, went nuts and made the following comments regarding Elton John's comment,

Jesus was certainly compassionate, but to say He was "super-intelligent" is to compare the Son of God to a successful game-show contestant.

More seriously, to call Jesus a homosexual is to label Him a sexual deviant.

The first comment regarding intelligence is just very stupid. I might call Einstein, Bill Gates, or anyone else super-intelligent, but does this compare them to winning game show contestants? Is this a bad thing, anyway? I'm sure Catholics certainly believe that Jesus was super-intelligent...

Anyway, the horrid comment, of course, is the second one. The medical definition of sexual deviance is this: "Sexual deviance includes a range of abnormal sexual expression from fetishism, cross dressing, sexual sadomasochism to pedophilia, incest and rape at the extreme end of the continuum."

Homosexuals are not sexual deviants by any means. Homosexuals are simply people who are attracted to members of the same sex. Calling someone a homosexual or identifying as a homosexual has nothing to do with their sexual practices.

Donohue continues,

We´re not sure what´s worse—John´s ignorance or intolerance.

Wow, how ironic is this statement! Donohue is wholly ignorant about homosexuality and is very intolerant of homosexuals. John's comments aren't ignorant and they certainly aren't intolerant by any means.

I'd like to widen the remarks of Donohue and would think this: If Donohue says that calling Jesus a homosexual is akin to him being a sexual deviant, I'm sure that he'd agree with the following statement, "All homosexuals are sexual deviants."