Open-mindedness -- the willingness to consider different perspectives, arguments, and beliefs -- is a very important characteristic that every person should have in all areas of life. Open-mindedness does not entail accepting every claim you hear, but rather is evaluating claims, giving merit where merit is due, researching, and evaluating.

Though I'm not a republican or a theist, I'm certainly willing to listen to their arguments and would change my position if good arguments are presented. If I feel that my stance is compromised, I'll research new claims on my own time and decide -- evidence and reason permitting -- if my beliefs should be changed.

Open-mindedness is a very important part of thinking critically. It's important not to live by what others have told you, what you've grown with, and what your parents want you to believe. We should evaluate our most cherished positions especially when we encounter good arguments from our "opponents."

Here is what philosopher A.C Grayling has to say:

It's also odd when people tell me that I'm not open-minded. People who say this have mistaken what open-mindedness actually is. Learn more here:

I respond to more arguments and discuss open-mindedness:

I have my mind made up, and if its going to change it at any point will change on its own terms and through my own knowledge. Not because of some group of people who are trying to prove me wrong, piss me off, and get in my way. see that is not how I grow to learn. I learn through my experiences and pick the way of what i know is best for me and for others.

I don't understand why there is this "No matter what you say, I won't change my mind" idea floating around - it's quite terrible. If you firmly hold an idea and find that it may be flawed, you should be compelled to investigate.

Everyone should be open-minded and willing to change perspectives and beliefs if the evidence and arguments come in. I'll certainly convert to Christianity or any other religion if someone can provide a good argument, proof, or something else.

Open-mindedness should be a part of all areas of life. You shouldn't just close your brain when religion is involved.

I don't want you to change your mind because of what I say. I have said time and time again that you and others should go out and do the research on your own time. If these discussions become a springboard for that, great. If you posit claims that are false, I'm going to refute your claims, especially if I can provide facts to show that your position is flawed. I don't understand why you would have a problem with this and misconstrue it as "getting in your way" or "pissing you off."


this page can be called i hate doctors that will not stop telling me to quit smoking! and talk about all the lame excuses there are about not smoking. that doctor may have facts about why it maybe better to be smoke free. but to hell with him. its my life, my body. I can smoke if i want and nothing will stop me---- that kind of deal. Do you understand?

Why would you want to ignore the facts? Isn't reality important? Shouldn't we want our beliefs to be in sync with reality? You keep sating that I'm trying to tell you what to do, but this is not the case. We're just having a discussion. If you feel threatened and can't defend your beliefs but must resort to tactics like this, perhaps it is a clue that:

- You can't defend your beliefs
- Your beliefs are flimsy
- You should read arguments from both sides
- You aren't prepared to debate these matters
- Your ideas are simply wrong


I really do not care what a stranger thinks of me. Sorry, but true story. I do not push my views on any one of you.

Again. This isn't about "what we think of you." We're not attacking you. We're simply questioning your ideas. In any other area of life when someone disagrees with you, provides good arguments, and rejects your ideas, do you do this?

If presenting arguments, providing ideas, persuasion, debating, and having discussions is "pushing views," then I'm guilty....and so is almost every other person you meet in life.