More About the Local Psychic Case

Well, I thought that all was over about the local psychic case, but this letter of the editor was featured in today's Times Leader. I previously submitted letters to the editor in order to inform the public about the dangers of psychics and specifically challenged Baron to a public demonstration of her abilities.

Missing woman’s mother clears the air on psychic

I would like to clear up some things about my daughter, Phylicia Thomas. First, psychic Carla Baron has never asked me for a dime. She helped me to bring cadaver dogs, which did make some “hits” on property on Golf Course Road, Sweet Valley. The woman who trained the dogs did not believe that the authorities would listen to me, so she went with me.

My daughter meant everything to her family and friends. Her killer probably is still walking around freely.

We are still looking and will never give up.

Justin Vacula said...

I understand that your daughter is very important to you and that the situation is tragic. You're desperate for answers, want justice, and will seemingly do anything for help. Contacting a psychic is not a viable option by any means. Psychics are frauds and should not be taken seriously. Baron and every other psychic has not demonstrated that they have psychic abilities. Psychics offer false hope and take advantage of people. Why hasn't Baron accepted my challenge to demonstrate her abilities or the James Randi Challenge. She's afraid to do so and is hiding. This demonstrates a great deal of deception, cowardice, and evasion. I hope that you and other rational readers will see the light and agree with me. Psychics who don't offer their services as entertainment are dangerous individuals who take advantage of others and make us credulous. Do some reading...especially Michael Shermer's "Why People Believe Weird Things." We need skepticism, rationality, and critical thinking.

May 18, 2010 at 1:59 AM