Catholics Against Health Education and more

I recently returned from my one week vacation in New Jersey and found a new news story to blog about. The "sex ed" war is now in full swing because various Catholics across the nation want to keep sexual education out of the classroom...but this time it's not only limited to sexual education at all. Read this new article...

People tell me that Catholicism doesn't hurt anyone and that beliefs aren't harmful...but here is another example of how beliefs are harmful and how children are paying the price. Catholics across this nation want to protest sex education programs in schools and jeopardize the health and safety of children.

The article says that Catholics
"must fight back with the truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God; we are created male and female by Divine design to complement each other; sexual intercourse is a beautiful and holy gift meant to be shared between husband and wife; all human life is inherently sacred from conception to natural death. That is the truth written on every human heart and the world needs the Church to proclaim it."

This is leading "true believers" (fundamentalists) to declare war on the health of children across the nation, individual relationship choices, and of course, homosexuals. People always tell me that the Catholic church isn't anti-gay, but it's quite "funny" that Catholics will encourage violence against homosexuals, punishing financially destitute people, and basically extort Washington D.C. to get their ways. Sure, many churches may help communities by giving to charities, giving people a place to live, etc, but this doesn't make up for the other horrid behavior that goes on...especially Pope Benedict saying that condoms can make AIDS worse.

The Catholic Online article says,

On to the proposed instruction: beginning in 2nd grade, the children are taught that "family structures differ" and that "most people who marry intend the relationship to be lifelong" and that "individuals and families have a variety of values as it pertains to sexual behaviors." Then in 3rd grade, it is taught that "there are a variety of reasons why people may end a committed relationship." The message is clear: Family doesn't mean Mom and Dad anymore; sexual values are for each person to decide for themselves; marriage is not required, only a "committed relationship" and even that may end for a number of reasons. Nothing is concrete or stable.

Oh no! People can make their own decisions! Family structures can differ! Blow the vuvuzelas! People do have a variety of values...because everyone isn't a Catholic fundamentalist like Mother Teresa who wants to ban contraceptives and insist that abortion is the greatest threat to peace in the world. (View her saying this at 1:00 to 1:59.) It's quite clear that if the Catholic church doesn't want you to make personal decisions with your own mind that you're to be a slave to whatever they say.

In 1st grade, the kids will be taught to "understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender." It's clear that their intent is not simply to teach about familial love between siblings, relatives, etc., but to teach about sexual and romantic love between two men or two women because in 2nd grade, the instruction is about the harm caused by calling people names such as "fag," "homo," and "queer."

Again, it appears that the Catholic Church doesn't want people to respect homosexuals. It also seems like people aren't supposed to respect sexual choices that people make...and why is it a bad thing to teach children about how homophobic comments and names are harmful?

By 5th grade, the homosexual indoctrination is direct: "Understand sexual orientation refers to a person's physical and/or romantic attraction to an individual of the same gender and/or different gender, and is part of one's personality."

"Homosexual indoctrination" is quite an odd term, isn't it? How exactly are children being "indoctrinated" into homosexuality. These anti-homosexual individuals fail to realize that most children are "set" in their sexual attraction at a very early age (even before school)...and god forbid (no pun intended) that some people are homosexuals and are happy with their lifestyle choices! The article insists that this sexual education and health program is to "promote sex, contraception, and abortion rights to a new generation of Planned Parenthood clients" which is ridiculous on various levels.

The article then says "To say that young children must now be taught explicit details of sexuality in order to "protect" them is perverted." This notion is also ridiculous...how exactly is sexual education in schools perverted when children can learn about life decisions, their own bodies, and be safe? The United States dramatically "fails" in rates of STDs, abortions, and early pregnancies while citizens of other first world countries have dramatically lesser rates of STDs, early pregnancies, and abortions as shown by this study. As this article explains, " Attempts to impose narrow moralistic views about sex and sexuality on young people through sex education have failed." and also notes that
"Some people are concerned that providing information about sex and sexuality arouses curiosity and can lead to sexual experimentation. However, in a review of 48 studies of comprehensive sex and STD/HIV education programmes in US schools, there was found to be strong evidence that such programmes did not increase sexual activity. Some of them reduced sexual activity, or increased rates of condom use or other contraceptives, or both.23 It is important to remember that young people can store up information provided at any time, for a time when they need it later on."
The Catholic Online article notes that "It's not normal or healthy for young children to be so knowledgeable about sex and shoving this information at them when they're only still learning their letters and numbers is abusive." While we're at it, why don't we talk about the "normalcy" of telling children that they can burn in an eternal hellfire if they misbehave...is this normal and healthy? What is the real problem, though? Is this Catholic writer concerned about the children or only about her wicked and narrow-minded dogma?

This is Satan at work, and those who do not recognize that are frightfully naïve and complicit by their unwillingness to fight against it. The spiritual ignorance, the moral apathy of those who are advancing this curriculum out of some moronic notion of health and well-being is all that's necessary for the enemy of our souls to have his way with our children.
Lucifer, coming disguised as "enlightenment" and "tolerance" and "freedom" has successfully captured our youngest children, and will bring us to total ruin because our instinct to protect them from evil has been silenced.

Aha! Now we're on the money! Satan is at work corrupting your children with vital information about sexuality, respect, and health!

The Catholic church isn't about hope, charity, and the dignity of the individual...it's about pushing a system of beliefs onto everyone in the United States whether they agree or not. Apologetic speakers try to tirelessly defend "the truth" of Christianity when their arguments have been shown to be critically flawed time and time again... Pastors, ministers, and priests try to defend the agenda of the church by saying "We're not against the homosexuals, we're against the homosexual behavior" in a futile and pitiful attempt to try and look good. What really makes me angry about this is that homosexuals fall for this and even agree with church teachings on this topic.

Again, of course not all Catholics are fundamentalists who want to force America to bow down to God and of course not all Catholics are influencing politics, but so so many are...and so many "moderate Catholics" are just sitting by while it happens claiming no responsibility for this behavior. Unfortunately, the believers are providing cover for these beliefs and these fundamentalists. You can't just call yourself a Klansman and say, "Well, I'm not a racist, but I come for the free food and drinks and really like the community" just like you can't call yourself a Catholic and say "Well, I don't believe what the church teaches and I don't support it, but I'm just spiritual." Believers of a certain claim give tremendous power to the claim being made when the number of followers is so large and the followers are willing to defend their doctrine.

As usual, the Catholic Church is not a force for good in the world.