The Lies of NOM (National Organization for Marriage)

"The Albany protesters came armed with balloons and rainbow-colored umbrellas..."

NOM (The National Organization for Marriage) vows to "protect families" by preserving the "traditional marriage" of one man and one woman. A quick view of their website reveals a tremendous amount of spin and flat-out lies. One of their new videos features a woman with dark skin and white children (obviously, there is either an interracial marriage or she had a child out of wedlock)...so what traditional marriage are they talking about? Decades ago, whites and blacks weren't able to marry and interracial marriage wasn't "traditional." The woman argues that the silent protestors with umbrellas harassed her, "I was a scared in the beginning and their goal was intimidating my family, my children, five and under." How exactly is standing with umbrellas intimidating [children]?

In their ustream video on their website a woman says, "Their only argument [for same sex marriage] is that it hurts feelings...I've been on college campuses and that is their only argument." Really? What about civil rights arguments, financial benefits, custody of children, adoption of children, and various other arguments? This woman is either a liar or willfully ignorant and certainly didn't do her homework. Another man says, "If there was one evident truth it is that marriage is designed for one man, one woman for procreation....people are trying to redefine marriage." Wait a second here...what about married couples who don't have children? What about married couples who can't have children? Do you want to not allow rights to sterile individuals?

I have a question for "traditional marriage" supporters...
Do you enjoy denying marriage to those who are not attracted to people of the opposite sex?
Do you think that same-sex couples should not be allowed to share financial assets and adopt?
Would you protest marriage between people of different nationalities?

The marriage of straight couples is not being "threatened" because people of the same sex are being married and want to be married.

I've written extensively on this topic in the past in various posts here, here, here, and elsewhere in this blog.

It's odd that people want to "vote" for same-sex marriage when civil rights are not up for a vote...can we vote for slavery? Can we vote for women to earn less money in workplaces? Can we vote to not allow Muslims in the United States? Of course not...

Some actual angry and possibly violent protesters were shown in the videos, but how many of these people are actually arrested or cause physical harm to others? I'd venture that the number is very, very low. Either way, NOM is a spin machine. ...and guess what? Catholic News Agency supports them!

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