NEPA Freethought Society

Are you a non-theist in Northeastern Pennsylvania who would like to join a community of like-minded individuals, discuss important and serious philosophical matters, and enjoy discussion with other non-theists?

The NEPA Freethought Society is a group primarily for non-theists in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We first offer a social context in which like-minded individuals can meet and discuss anything at a table of honest conversation, skepticism, and critical thought.

People who attend our meetups have various positions ranging vary from college students to judges, government employees, physicists, Humanistic Jews, pharmacists, fathers, and mothers.

Typical meetings include buffets, cookouts, Drinking Skeptically events, monthly meetups at Rodano's in Wilkes-Barre, community events such as autism benefit walks, the NEPA Pride Fest and diversity picnics.

You don't need to be an open activist or an individual who had been a non-theist for your whole life to join us. We have activists, bloggers, people who don't openly discuss their beliefs or lack thereof, and everyone in between. Your level of participation is up to you.

Our most widely covered action in Luzerne County was filing a complaint against the Luzerne County Courthouse nativity scene in which the group organizer and I put our names out in the public. Many people offered tremendous support, we held our own in the media, and had multiple appearances in local newspapers, local television, local radio, and nationwide television shows.

Our current and future initiatives include an educational program for prisoners in the Luzerne County Prison and a public challenge for debate in Luzerne County with any religious person of standing and renown.

We're not only against religion...we're supporters and advocaters of science, skepticism, secular morality, philosophy, critical thinking, reason, logic, and various other matters of importance.

From our website:

The NEPA Freethought Society is a secular discussion and activist group located in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. The group is intended to be a coalition of non-believers comprised of atheists, secular humanists, skeptics, agnostics, rationalists, etc, predicated on support and community. The group gathers monthly to discuss any pertinent issues and fully intends on defending the rights of the secular when and where appropriate. The separation of church and state is a very important issue and critical thinking should be prevalent in all walks of life.



  • To establish a vibrant freethought commuity that provides fellowship and social enrichment.

  • To establish a public and societal understanding of atheism/freethought that is correct through community outreach and dialogue.
  • To refute the common myths about atheists/freethinkers.
  • To combat the moral stigma that characterizes atheists/freethinkers.

  • To serve as a watchdog, support system, and advocate on behalf of atheists/freethinkers who are victimized by discrimination.
  • To engage in the political process for the purpose of advancing atheist/freethought interests.
  • To oppose any violations of the separation of church & state.

  • To challenge religious truth claims by way of philosophical scrutiny, and in so doing, promote a world-view of naturalism together with rationalism.
  • To champion the epistemological principles of logic, critical thinking, and the scientific method over those of mysticism, faith, and divine revelation.