Lou Barletta Should Think Critically...

Oh, hey, a political post! Well, not entirely. I suppose everything can be political, but this post involves more public failures of critical thinking by a person from Pennsylvania running for congress. Lou Barletta says some really stupid things to reporters from local media outlets.

I've commented on Barletta's failures in my previous post on the "Ground Zero Mosque" but would like to address a more recent instance of ridiculous statements from Barletta in this newspaper article.

A full understanding of the article or the issue isn't very important, but here's a quick version. Barletta's political opponent wants a military training site in a certain location. Barletta opposes it. ...and here's the really stupid quote from Barletta,

I will never put residents of this district in danger by supporting a project like this,” said Barletta, the 54-year-old Republican challenger for the 11th Congressional District seat. “What guarantees are we going to have that children will not sneak onto this bomb range?

The idea that a military training site should be opposed because someone children may sneak onto a "bomb range" is ridiculous. A quotation like this severely undermines the competency of security professionals (who would, without a doubt, be at a MILITARY TRAINING CAMP) and shows little confidence in people who design such bases. When was the last time children sneaked into bomb ranges, anyway?

Another huge problem with this idea is an obvious one. The idea that we have "no guarantees" about something that is potentially dangerous (but is actually very safe and secure) gives us no good reason to have an a priori objection against it.

Should we close all military bases because there are "no guarantees" that children won't sneak in?
Should we stop using blenders because there are "no guarantees" that children won't chop fingers off?
Should we stop producing and drinking alcohol because children might drink it?
Should we ban pornography because there are no guarantees that children won't view it?
Should we take guns away from republicans...
Should we stop doing open-heart surgery...

Here's one more reason not to vote for Lou Barletta.