Atheists are Parasites! Spill some blood!


The rabbi claims that atheists are doing nothing to "add energy into the system." Atheists, just like many believers, are doing their best to make this world a better place. Personally, I'd like to see intellectualism, reason, and critical thinking flourish. I'm not leeching off of others...and I'm certainly not advocating "getting a little bloody" to "win" against people who I don't agree with.

What is this moral vision that is incompatible with American society? Is thinking for yourself, being skeptical, promoting science, encouraging people to think, fighting for separation of church and state, etc? How about all of the money atheists contribute to charities? How about atheists in prestigious positions like members of the national academy of sciences? How about all of those atheist doctors?

We can also see that the quality of life doesn't exactly go up when religion is involved. Though religious organizations and people may contribute to building hospitals, giving money to charity, etc, extra negative baggage is often associated with religion. All of the good that comes from religion can be had more honestly without all of the negatives.

Tracie Harris says, "Not sure what I've benefited most from, the misogyny, authoritarian culture, the attacks on education, or the dehumanizing rhetoric that all humans are worthy of death and condemnation?"

Hey, rabbi, thanks for treating atheists as second-class citizens who are leeching off of everyone and everything else.