Knights of Columbus Fund More Anti-Gay Marriage Initiatives

The Knights of Columbus continue to show their true colors by funding more initiatives by sending out propaganda to oppose gay marriage by sending out DVDs to Catholic households in Minnesota. There's also evidence of the KOC supporting this initiative right at the end of part two. They already contributed one million dollars to the Prop 8 campaign, but they won't stop there. They also lie about sex and condoms. Shame on them.

I'll discuss some of the arguments, fallacies, and lies in both videos, but won't go into too much detail on all of them because I've dealt with gay marriage in previous posts and many of the arguments are repetitious in the videos.

Fallacies and Lies in Part 1:

There is an underlying naturalistic fallacy almost every time the word "natural" is uttered by the man in part one.

0:53: "It is the natural way we bring together men and women to conceive..."
Well, not really. People have children outside of marriage and marriage certainly isn't "natural" because it is manmade.

1:00: The complementary nature of the sexes is not only at the heart of the human experience, it is one we can see throughout nature..."
So what? What does this have to do with marriage? Not all married people have children and children don't need parents of both sexes in order to be fine individuals.

1:13 "The culture of marriage is critical for society"
We've redefined marriage in the past to allow for inter-racial marriages. We stopped arranged marriages. We put age restrictions on marriage...so why would homosexual marriage destroy society?

1:15 "High rates of fatherlessness impoverish children..."
Yup, when they had fathers to begin with...but this isn't the case if someone has two female parents.

1:33 "Society suffers when marriage fails..."
Again, this only is the case when the parents marry and then divorce...but this isn't the case when and if we redefine marriage.

1:37 "Redefining marriage will change the core meaning of marriage..."
So what?

1:48 "Same-sex marriage is an untested social experiment"
Lots of things are untested social experiments...but this doesn't mean that we should cease to progress as a society. Same-sex marriage has been "tested" in other countries and the societies did not collapse or suffer.

2:00 "Back in the early 1970's...with no-fault divorce...the divorce rate skyrocketed! ...children need both a mom and a dad!
What does no-fault divorce have to do with same-sex marriage? The archbishop keeps saying that failed examples of heterosexual marriages show that a child needs a mom and a dad, but this is an unwarranted conclusion. All that this shows is that children need parents...no matter what the gender is.

2:34 "Virtually every society has recognized that marriage is between one man and one women."
There are many things from the past that societies have recognized that were wrong. Societies used to bar women from voting. Societies used to allow for slavery. With new knowledge, we expand our moral zeitgeist and allow for more civil rights.

3:15 "Marriage exists primarily to allow for mothers and fathers to care for children."
Actually, this isn't the case. Marriage primarily exists for shared legal benefits...and what's wrong with same-sex couples caring for children?

3:23 "What will happen to children who learn that moms and dads are interchangeable?"
They'll be enlightened individuals who are tolerant of others' choices.

3:35 "Children learn that gay marriage and traditional marriage are the same"
Oh no!

4:10 "The church teaches that marriage is one man, one woman"
Great, but not everyone agrees with these views. Stay out of government.

4:20 "The church teaches that all people are children of God with intrinsic value"
...but apparently, they can't make "adult decisions" and marry people who they love just because they happen to be attracted to people of the same sex or be a certain gender?

Part 2:

0:25 "Marriage's foundation as a human reality is as ancient and honorable as any on earth."

1:34 "Children need a mom and a dad."

2:00 "Marriage is celebrated as one man and one women for thousands of years...
I dealt with the claim at 0:25.

2:23 "Only through a marital union does husband and wife create new life."
Great, but we can have children without husband and wife.

2:50 "Children suffer when they lose a mother or father."
This is similar to fallacious claims in part one. This is the case only when a child had a mother and a father...not when they simply don't have a father because they have two female parents.

3:20 Children suffer when people don't care about one man-one woman.

3:30 Men are dehumanized when they are told they are not necessary.
How? I'm not "dehumanized" because children have two mothers...

3:55 "They want you to think that there is no difference between same-sex and heterosexual couples. If you think differently, you're an equivalent of a racist, a bigot."
Strawman. The claim is that children are just fine with homosexual parents and that two people should be allowed to marry regardless of sexual orientation.

4:05-4:39 "The political argument that same-sex marriage is a civil right is troubling... A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law of God."
Great, but not all people agree what the "law of God" is. Not all people even believe that this God exists. We are a secular nation, not a theocracy that follow's "God's law."

5:15 "A strong feeling doesn't make a civil right."
That's not what people are claiming. People are claiming that limiting marriage to one man-one woman is discriminatory.

6:00 "Our Catholic faith clearly teaches that marriage is the union of one man-one woman.
Mrs. Betty Bowers disagrees.

7:17 "Instead of respecting the views and values of most parents, the common-sense ideal for children will be redefined as discrimination."
Beliefs don't deserve any respect. People do....and if you're going to claim that the beliefs of the anti-homosexual marriage people should be respected, why shouldn't the beliefs of the pro-homosexual marriage people be?

7:34 "Same sex marriage threatens Catholic and other faith traditions."
No it doesn't. Churches don't have to marry gays.

8:29 "The tax-exempt status of Catholic schools and charities will be threatened."
If you are tax-exempt, you have to play by the rules of the government. If you take money from the government, you also have to play by the rules.

10:09 "State puts church out of adoption business"
It's funny that the church states that everyone is a child of God, but apparently children shouldn't be helped by charitable causes because the charity wants to discriminate against gays. The video tries to case the state as the bully, but if the non-profits want to enjoy their non-profit status and receive support from the government, they need to play by the rules. If they want to discriminate, go ahead and pay taxes and refuse government money.

10:22 (A clip of Shirley Phelps)
I laughed.

10:30 "If you're creating a situation where just about anything can count as marriage..."
It's the classic slippery slope argument applied to gay marriage! There's no situation being created in which anything is being counted as marriage.