Painting All Catholics With The Same Brush?

When I discuss the implications of certain beliefs and address very specific arguments, it's impossible to address the beliefs of every theist because so many people hold different variations of beliefs. I can't possibly account for the beliefs of every theist when I talk about interpretations of Hell, for example. When I argue against a specific belief, I make sure to note the specific belief when I start the discussion and respond to possible variations and counter-arguments at the end of my posts. Despite this, some theists accuse me of painting everyone with the same brush. I do my best to add phrases like:

"As usual, not all theists are harming others with their beliefs, but many are. Not all theists, of course, believe in a hellish torment if you don't believe in God, but many do. Some theists I know actually want to have the discussion, but many simply don't. It's quite sad."

"Again, not all theists and people are the same. Not all people behave in this manner when having conversations, but a vast majority I have met do try these tactics. I certainly am charging many people with intellectual dishonesty, but not all. Some people actually do have a discussion and have looked at the arguments from both sides, but when people start using Pascal's Wager and a good argument or start saying "You can't disprove it," they clearly have not researched the arguments from both sides."

"Not all Catholics will agree on this definition of prayer, but the Catholic Encyclopedia has this to say:"

"Sure, not all forms of Christianity or individual Christians accept everything the church or the Bible says, but the general idea of sin is widely accepted - we're inherently "fallen" and the way to deal with it is to accept Jesus, repent, and feel sorry for our wrongdoings after "getting right with God.""

"Couple this with the existence of Hell, the idea that God is always watching us, and the idea that only the righteous and true believers go to Heaven and you're quite easily "hooked." Again, not all believers think of sin and exemplify this loop, but many do."

"Of course, not all Catholics and Knights of Columbus members hold the views of the Vatican or some Knights of Columbus members"

Perhaps some are missing the point, avoiding the arguments, or not even reading what I have to say. If you are a theist who reads this blog and have a different take on a certain issue that I mention, please feel free to comment and add your interpretation. It's impossible for me to address every possible belief or every individual...that's just too much to ask for.

This "You're painting everyone with the same brush!" often parallels with "Why do you care so much?" I addressed this in a recent post.