Upcoming Book Chapter in which I am Interviewed

I'm going to be giving a speech/presentation regarding my chapter at the Wilkes/King's Barnes and Noble bookstore on the tentative date of April 8. I will give more details as that time approaches and I get the information.

In April of 2011, local author Kenny Luck is publishing a book about Northeastern Pennsylvania in which I am featured. I previously posted an audio interview in which the author interviewed me.

I am going to be accompanying author Kenny Luck when he goes on tour with his book and will be giving a presentation regarding my take on Northeastern Pennsylvania and the nativity controversy.

Here is the sample PDF of the chapter of the book in which I am featured that you can download (the link recently stopped working, so I had to reupload/change URL). Enjoy. I have permission from the author to upload/link this file. If you desire to share this, please link my blog post!

At the time of this posting, the book's manuscript gas been sent to the printing house to be published. When a pre-order site and new information is released, I will update.

Since 2008, Northeastern Pennsylvania has been the crossroads for presidential politics, the national media, and, above all: Fraud. Dominating the headlines are stories of greed and controversy; news reports that reveal the corrupt, the immoral, and the idiotic. With so much attention given to the region in recent years, it inevitably leads one to ask: Who and what defines us?

NEPATIZED! investigates the most recent scandals, controversies, and corruption in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With more than thirty interviews by local politicians, media figures, and activists, this book takes a critical look at some of the people and events that have redefined the region. Lou Barletta’s anti-minority rage; Bishop Martino’s divinely-inspired bigotry; and Steve Corbett’s cacophonous diatribes are all part of, what the author calls, “a spectacle of unequivocal idiocy.”

With wit and intellect, author Kenny Luck’s fact-filled expose, complimented by Ted Michalowski’s engaging illustrations, explores the region through the people who have helped to mold it: Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds Evie Rafalko McNulty, former WILK host Kevin Lynn, Filmmaker Josh Fox (“Gas Land”), Political Scientist G. Terry Madonna, Union Leader Michael Milz, Blogger Dan Cheek, and King’s College student Justin Vacula tell the recent story of Northeastern Pennsylvania in their own words, their roles in shaping it, and their grievances against it.