Blogger to Blogger Debate Challenge

I challenged blogger "The Rockin' Traddy" to a debate challenge regarding his Christian faith.

How about a debate between Voris and Justin Vacula? I might come and hear Voris speak, but I have work at 8PM :\
How about Rockin' Traddy and Justin Vacula?

I'm going to be appearing at various bookstores and locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania with author Kenny Luck. We're promoting his recent book, Nepatized!, and are signing copies. I'm going to be giving speeches about the second chapter in his book that features me and discusses the nativity incident. My next appearance is April 15 at 6PM at Borders in Dickson City.

I'm considering offering a debate challenge to the public, actually. I previously offered a school-wide challenge to King's College, but no member of the community accepted.

Morality comes from religion.
The Christian God exists.

would be my two favorite topics. In both cases, I'd argue on the negative side.

This comment has been published in his blog, but I've heard no response. 1 Peter 3:15 demands that Christians defend their faith. A debate is a perfect occasion! People from the community can come to hear arguments and engage themselves with arguments for and against the Catholic faith.

Rockin' Traddy makes quite substantial claims on his blog and establishes at least 63 supernaturalistic/faith claims. I'll let you check these out for yourself.

Hopefully Traddy is up for the challenge!