I'm the Scranton Atheism Examiner!

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Recently, I was hired by Examiner.com and now have the position of 'Scranton Atheism Examiner.' I'll be doing some of what I'm already doing in my blog, but the position at Examiner.com is not one of blogging. Blogging, unfortunately, gets a 'bad rap' because virtually anyone can write a blog and needs no credentials to do so. Over time, perhaps, readers of blog will 'self-police' and judge the content of posts, but many blogs that are not well-researched, full of misrepresentations and outright lies, and are havens for conspiracy theorists, still get many views.

Positions at Examiner.com are more exclusive and much unlike blogging. The recruiting staff requires applicants to submit writing samples, credentials, and other materials. Examiner.com also reviews articles and has many guidelines for their writers. Examiner.com is not a blog.

On my blog/website, I post some very long articles and articles written in the first person. Not all of my blog posts deal with local issues or have a local angle, but all of my Examiner.com posts will. My Examiner.com articles will also be much shorter than my average blog posts and focus specifically on issues relevant to atheists. I also do not want to 'double down' and reproduce/rehash my blog posts as Examiner.com articles.

My Examiner.com position, then, will offer something different than my regular blog posts and will allow for my local readership to 'get a better take' on the articles. I'll be writing about local people, organizations, churches, and generally adding local angles to every Examiner.com story I write.

I'm really happy to have the Examiner.com position as 'Scranton Atheism Examiner' and hope that my readers continue to view my blog/website and will now also view my Examiner.com page. Two mediums should interest my readers and attract a new audience. Thanks for the support thus far! My blog has been very popular, of course, thanks to my readers. I will continue submitting content on my blog/website. I also might be a guest blogger on another website soon, too...but I'll keep that secret for now. I've added another tab on my website for my Examiner.com posts for easy access. I won't post single articles here, but rather will link to the article on my Examiner.com page in very short linked blog posts.