Quick Updates

The closing statements of my written debate with JD Curtis will be posted before midnight on Sunday. The opening statements, first rebuttals, and second rebuttals are available online for viewing.

My presentation concerning morality in Lancaster, PA has been cancelled.

My upcoming debate with Bible Buck is not happening. He now refuses to debate me even though he initially accepted the challenge. He's been levying a tremendous amount of personal attacks against me ranging from calling me 'demonic,' saying I have no credibility, persons don't take me seriously, etc. (More to come.)

The second episode of the NEPA Freethought Society podcast has been uploaded and placed online, but the server went down and will soon be online once again. Podcast goes up, server goes down. You can't explain that. A post will be dedicated to this once it is up.

The video of my presentation in Lemoyne will be uploaded. I will dedicate a new post when it is up.