Upcoming Speaking Appearance - Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia - 6/24/12

                                        Me speaking for Pennsylvania Nonbelievers in 2011

I have been invited to speak for the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia (HAGP) on June 24 of 2012...and you're invited to attend! This speaking engagement will be part of a program meeting for HAGP which spans from 1:30PM to 4:00PM in the Upper Moreland Library in Willow Grove, PA. More information about the location and event details can be found here.

My topic of choice will be "Reframing the discussion" in which I will detail practical strategies (and my reasoning for such) by which secular individuals can be more effective communicators. Here is a more extended version of my speech's description:
Secular individuals face many challenges when disputing supernatural-based belief systems and reaching out theists of various stripes. Problems may arise during any sort of conversation or transmission of information because many people -- rather than looking at conversation and disagreement as a positive learning experience -- see disagreement, even when respectful, as a negative thing which should be avoided. Secular individuals should benefit from countering these ideas by modeling positive conversational skills and being respectful in discussions with those who disagree on various issues while still employing an effective hard-hitting approach regarding challenging of ideas. Respectful disagreement can be had and should be encouraged by secular individuals who hope to educate others and challenge others' beliefs.
This will be my fourth speaking engagement following the speech I wrote for a 9/11 remembrance event hosted by PA Nonbelievers, a roundtable discussion with local bloggers, and a speech regarding my church/state activism in 2009 at a PA Nonbelievers meeting. In addition to this, I also host the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast which now has thirteen episodes.

RSVP for the event here, on Facebook, if you plan on attending. I hope to see local people there!


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