A busy last two weeks (recap)

I have been especially busy during the last two weeks! Here's a recap post for some of my content you might have missed.

7/19 - Michael Voris: American Catholics must choose between faith and country
Catholic apologist of RealCatholicTV fame (now known as ChurchMilitantTV) argues that American Catholics, in light of President Obama's Affordable Care Act might just have to "choose the way of martyrdom however it comes." Read the article!

7/19 - Religious Campuses Panel - SSA 2012 annual conference
I was invited to be a panelist at the Secular Student Alliance's 2012 annual conference. I spoke about my experience as an atheist on religious campuses and the SSA groups I attempted to form (which were denied because, amongst other reasons, they were dubbed contrary to mission statements). Watch the video!

7/19 - My interview with Susan Jacoby - Podcast #16
I interviewed Susan Jacoby shortly before her speech, "The conscience of an atheist," which she had delivered at The Gathering - a literature conference that had taken place at Keystone College in Pennsylvania. Listen to the podcast!

7/18 - William Lane Craig: SSA's claims of unstoppable group growth "quite unjustified"
William Lane Craig is quite concerned about growing secularism in general and secular groups on college campuses. He also argues that the SSA's claims of growth are spin and distortion. Read the article!

7/18 - Full audio and some text of my HACS talk
I received a very exciting and interesting opportunity to be a special guest speaker for a philosophy class titled "Atheism and New Atheism" at Holy Apostles College and Seminary - an evangelical Catholic university. The audio of the entire event is available. Included in my blog post is a transcript of my speech and points of discussion from the question and answer session which followed.

7/18 - Update: Upcoming Atheist/Humanist conference in PA
Some information pertaining to the upcoming atheist/humanist conference in PA taking place this September in the Harrisburg area has been released. I will be speaking along with Sharon Hill (Doubtful News), Dan Barker (FFRF), Herb Silverman (SCA), and David Silverman (AA). More information is on the way...

7/16 - Skeptic creates website parodying professed psychic and medium Chip Coffey
Daniel 'Reap Sow' Paden created a parody website. Read my article which includes statements from Paden and some back-and-forth between Paden and Coffey.

7/12 - Epica: Epistemology and Subjectivity
I authored a post in the style of the Wiley-Blackwell 'Pop Culture and Philosophy' series pertaining to one of my favorite bands. Epica's music is a wonderful springboard for discussion of philosophical themes.

7/11 - SSA 2012 convention summary
Along with photos, I recounted my experiences concerning my panel discussion and appearance at the Secular Student Alliance's 2012 annual conference. A great time was had.

7/11 - Support for "Atheists." bus ad from local resident
It's nice to get supportive e-mail for once :)

7/9 - Humanism letter to the editor published
I authored a letter to the editor to a local newspaper concerning pious prayer in light of a recent shooting death of a youth. I argue that we need earthly solutions to earthly problems and that prayer is insufficient.

7/9 - Appearance on ApartmentJ podcast
I appeared on the ApartmentJ podcast. At first, I have a serious discussion with Reap Paden and Brian Allen, but after I realized it was a comedy podcast (which I was previously unaware of), discussion was about hoverboards, beer, an alleged 'fart cure,' pornography, bestiality, and 'do this or die' scenarios.