A final say on sexism, harassment, etc.?

I thought my June 14 post -- "A quick note on focus" -- would have been my final say on the ongoing discussion surrounding, as Paula Kirby would later call it, "The Sisterhood of the Oppressed and their Approved Male Chorus," but I was drawn back in to the discussion when I created and sung the lyrics to a satirical song dubbed "Atheist Air Hug." I also authored a blog post responding to Stephanie Zvan's post "Is Cyberstalking Abuse" in which she -- as it seems -- argued that people saying nasty things about her on the internet and reading what she writes, among other things, is cyberstalking and abuse. Following this, I wrote a blog post following "Surly" Amy Davis Roth's rebuke of Sharon Hill -- because Sharon Hill followed and re-tweeted a satirical Twitter account -- and my discussion with Surly Amy following that. I then, with Karla Porter joining me, had a live show/podcast addressing various issues under the umbrella title of "Women and the Secular Community." This is all very tiring and, as it seems, quite off-focus. I'd rather be talking about -- and reading about -- issues such as church/state violations and arguments for and against religious belief and claims. Hopefully this will be my final say.

I have, though, invited Ophelia Benson to come on an episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast because she thinks the treatment she received in the live podcast episode was unfair. I'll still be honoring that request although I am still confused as to why she didn't call during the show.