Man Uninates on Nativity Scene in Wilkes-Barre, PA

My "horrible actions" have been eclipsed in oh, so many ways.

According to the Times Leader and Nathan Strawn (above)'s Facebook, this King's College student urinated on the Nativity Scene on public square in Wilkes-Barre while drunk and disorderly. The article is dated 1/10/10 and is not fully released yet, but you can view the article here: http://www.timesleader.com/news/Student-allegedly-defiles-Nativity.html

I'm wondering how the public is going to react to this one! I was lambasted for filing a complaint and legally removing the nativity scene from the Luzerne County Courthouse, but this goes much, much further. Will the public send Nathan tons of hate mail, Christmas cards, after-death threats, and hate him? Time will tell.

I suppose I can now say, well, I didn't piss on the nativity scene, but rather had it removed through legal means. Oddly or ironically enough, Nathan says he is a Christian, so I'm sure the public will condemn him to hell for this one...it happens whether you are Catholic or not.

I'm sure Nathan had no ill-intention, but was rather drunk during the incident and was not thinking straight. Beer and Jesus go very poorly together. Have fun with the public, Nate...if you even get some mail or whatever else. If you or any of your friends read this post, know that I don't have any ill-will toward you, but am simply posting some news in the area.

If there is no public outrage after this one, Luzerne County is even more crooked and backward that we thought it was. I ask you, public, what is "worse"...pissing on a nativity scene while drunk or filing a legal complaint to have a nativity scene removed. I can't to hear what the public has to say.

According to his Facebook, Nathan had the following to say:

hello everyone, i would like to make a public apology out to everyone who i have offended. I'm deeply sorry for my actions and would like to tell the church of St. Marys and King's College that you are the world to me and I never meant to treat Wilkes-Barre as i did. If you could find it in your hearts, then please take this for granted because i can assure that it's the last time i will do anything like this again