Nativity Urination Update

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Hello everyone,
As of today my affiliation with the nativity scene is by far the most embarrassing and inappropriate thing I’ve ever done. It was crude and immoral. As a college student I understood that keeping your grades up was a part of being a successful student. Well I found out the hard way that to be a successful student, you need to be a good person outside of the school. I did not follow these by doing this stupid act. As a self=proclaimed Christian, I have unsuitably represented them by doing this humiliating action. I apologize to everyone for what I have done. After meeting with the King’s College Dean of Advisors, Mr. McGonigle, I have realized the effects it has had on the campus. Father O’Hara came in himself and told me he was, “appalled”. Knowing him since my freshman year, that could have been one of the most disheartening things I’ve ever heard. But I deserved it. I’m dedicating myself and life to this letter because my menace to society act has gone too far. I’ve never been arrested and I’m a good person. It’s just amazing how a college student can think he’s invisible at one moment and be in the dumps at the next. It is deep down in my heart to tell all you students out there that one night of fun and drunkenness is not worth it. Nowhere near it. With this life lesson learned, I’m apologizing to all I have offended. These people are Christians, the Wilkes-Barre community, King’s College, the church of St. Mary’s and lastly my family. I have represented all of you in a cowardly and misleading way. I will be devoting myself to quitting drinking and trying to help out the church of St. Mary’s with any community service action they need. I deeply regret ever having to do this, but it happened and nothing can change that. I just hope that all of you who I have apologized to will take this with sympathy and understand that I’m not that type of person at all. Please forgive me for all the troubles and concerns I have portrayed on the city.
Nathan Strawn