Don Tony, It's a-Jesus in a-Pizza!

Article: Pizzeria worker sees Jesus in sauce bucket on first Friday of Lent

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Shame on Times-Shamrock for publishing this "news" ...unless it's some big joke, but it's probably not.

When Mary Louise Salerno saw Jesus Christ in a bucket of pizza sauce, her instinct was not to alert the media or even to tell many friends.
She did not want people descending on her family's West Scranton pizzeria, and she did not want to invite critics or doubters of what she felt was a clear sign.
"To us, it was something special," Ms. Salerno, 65, of Old Forge said. "God smiled on us that day."

So, of all of the works, good things, and clear signs that your god who supposedly exists can be doing, he decides to "appear" on a bucket of pizza sauce.

What exactly is this a "sign" of, anyway? And why assume that some supernatural force has something to do with this? Don't you think that it is more plausible that pizza sauce dripped out of a bucket and formed some sort of image that looks like a man? We have a tendency to see faces and images in tree trunks, windows, and all sorts of items. We're bound to see "something" in patterns that look similar to images.

Bill Salerno, the owner of Brownie's and brother of Ms. Salerno, said he was skeptical until he saw it for himself. Maryann Marsico, who works at Brownie's, said even an atheist would find it unmistakable.

Actually, no. I'm an atheist and the image really looks nothing like what we associate Jesus with. If anything, this looks more like a Geico Caveman wearing a white t-shirt. What's even funnier is that the Jesus image we have from the Shroud of Turin is a forgery.

It was not lost on Ms. Marsico that Jesus appeared at Brownie's at the start of Lent, a holy Christian time that also happens to spur pizza sales because observers are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays.
"I will never cheat and eat meat again," she said.

Oh, yah, a time where Christians come to eat pizza...and now even more stupid people who believe this ludicrous image was a sign from God will eat at your pizza establishment. It's certainly good advertising (based on a lie). Let's be honest about this story...pizza sauce formed a pattern that people think looks like Jesus. It's no sign from God.

If you honestly believe that a supposed all-just, all-knowing, all-loving creator of the universe will be offended (it's a sin, right?) by meat eating on Friday, you need to get your priorities straight. Sure, some Catholics may choose to fast...but to think that meat eating is a sin that deserves punishment or feelings of guilt...? What kind of twisted morality is this?

Mr. Salerno, 55 and also from Old Forge, said he is not a churchgoing man but he is religious, and seeing Jesus on that pizza sauce bucket was all the proof he needs.

What exactly is this proof of, anyway? It's certainly all the proof I need to attest to the fact that the Salernos and other "pizza believers" are off their rockers.

Religion really makes many people crazy....and here's some very good proof of it. Suppose that the Salernos believed that Elvis came back from the dead and sent a sign of his image in pizza sauce, decided to report this to the media, and seriously believed it...we'd consider them crazy.

What about if they saw a sign from Zeus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (would be plausible, it's in sauce after all!!), Lord Xenu, Poseidon, Joseph Smith, or Michael Jackson? Change the subject to Jesus, though, and all bets are off.

Anyway, let's laugh at some comments on this article: