Defend Your Position

I know there are many theists who can have good discussions, understand the basic points of logic, and actually give reasons for their beliefs that are better than "you can't disprove God" or other logical fallacies.

Many of my blog posts are addressing issues that emerge in everyday discussions with people who aren't learned theists. I've discussed the Hitler was an atheist claim, responded to the first three parts of the "trouble with atheism" video, argue against faith being a virtue, addressed the ever-apparent "you can't disprove God" claim, and confront arguments from utility, among many other claims.

I also "take the discussion to a new level" and make original objections, discuss claims about historical Jesus, and discuss open-mindedness.

Whether you agree with my posts or not, I'm making a very thorough and honest effort to make objections, respond to arguments, and defend my positions. Many theists simply aren't doing this.

Some theists are people who have thought about their beliefs, investigated the issues at hand, can have arguments without resorting to common logical fallacies, and have honest discussions. Personally, these people are not a majority of theists.

Most theists I've encountered are people who haven't investigated their religious beliefs, have not investigated the claims of non-theists, and use logical fallacies and bad arguments to argue their position or evade questioning.

It saddens me when I'm stuck in thirty minute discussions about the burden of proof with theists who insist that atheists need to disprove God. It saddens me when theists insist that "I can't prove God and you can't disprove God, thus my belief is warranted."

All theists who take their stance seriously (and all should) should really read arguments that are against their position. I suggest the same for atheists - read the Bible, have discussions with believers, have open conversation, and make a great effort before a decision.

I know there are theists who can have a good discussion with me, but most people who try to argue with me make horrendous arguments that even other theists would reject.

Of course not all theists need to defend their claims, but when they advance claims and insist that they are correct, but do not support their arguments, evade the objections, or make bad arguments, credibility goes right out the window.

I'm not evading objections, avoiding discussion, or offering nonsense.

Learned theists and the Bible ( "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15).) insist that you answer objections with reasons, so why don't you? Be prepared to answer objections and give reasons if you're advancing claims.