Consider The Best Objections!

It's very easy to argue any point by refuting strawmans, simple claims, and simply ignoring or not addressing the best arguments.

Everyone who holds dearly to any position should consider the most thoughtful, well-constructed, and challenging objections and stances that individuals from the opposing side hold. It's easy to take a hard stance and not really engage the best arguments from your opposition, but we shouldn't do this. There is tremendous virtue in understanding the arguments from the other side: why they are made, who is making them, and what evidence backs the argument. We can strengthen our convictions by understanding the opposition and dealing with the toughest arguments. We might even change our position if the arguments are very good.

If you're going to argue abortion, for example, and you are pro-life, you should listen to pro-choice arguments and really think about the claims being made. You should also ask yourself why you hold your position, be able to dictate it to others, and provide justification for your ideas.

Personally, I really enjoy chatting with people who hold views that are contrary to mine to learn about new arguments, better develop my arguments, and gain some insight. I believe that everyone should have this positive attitude and really think critically. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many. People are just happy to believe whatever they believe as a matter of policy no matter what objections are made.

I had a very refreshing conversation today with a moderate theist, but unfortunatly ran out of time. I'm very happy to listen to what he has to say and have future conversations. I also meet with priests, ministers, and theists to discuss what they believe and discuss my views. It's a very good thing.

This isn't gloating, as a person has claimed, but rather a call to critical thinking and good argumentation. It's very necessary. What good are our beliefs and views if we don't meet good objections and chat with people who differ?