[Local] Woman Enlists Help of Psychic + I Challenge Her to a Public Test

Psychic asked to assist search

TV star gives reading to woman; her daughter vanished in 2004.

By Jen Marckini jmarckini@timesleader.com
Staff Writer

The mother of a Lake Township woman who vanished six years ago is seeking insight from an internationally renowned psychic.

Bailey, of Pittston, is now hoping to find answers through Carla Baron, a psychic profiler from Los Angeles who stars as a lead psychic detective on truTV’s reality series “Haunting Evidence.” Baron provided Bailey a reading Tuesday night.Pauline Bailey’s daughter, Phylicia Thomas, was 22 years old when she disappeared from her home while her boyfriend was asleep on the bone-chilling night of Feb. 11, 2004.

Baron, originally from Lock Haven, has been working on the case since Thomas’ disappearance. Baron provided what she called a clairvoyant insight on the young woman’s killer.

“I see him kneeling down in the stream,” Baron told Bailey during a three-way phone interview with The Times Leader. “He’s crying – maybe from the release of it all. He didn’t realize what went on until that very moment.”

Baron said she saw Thomas’ killer, a man close to her, blank out. Rocks were placed on top of Thomas, who was battered from a fight with her killer, whose livelihood is selling drugs.

“The rage was so intense he had an emotional blackout from the rage,” Baron said.

Investigators should focus their search in the same area of Hunlock Creek where they found the skeletal remains of Thomas’ friend, Jennifer Barziloski, Baron said.

Barziloski was reported missing shortly after she was last seen outside C Majors Sports Bar, Main Street, Edwardsville, on June 23, 2001.

Two cadaver dogs from the New York State Police led the way through dense woods in Hunlock Township on Tuesday just days after Barziloski’s skull was found.

Both souls are somehow intertwined together, Baron said, and they were disposed of in the same way.

No one has been charged in the death or the disappearances, but police knew both women had a connection to Steve Martin, 32, of Sweet Valley. Authorities had called him a person of interest in the disappearances. He and Phylicia Thomas’ boyfriend were best friends.

Martin hanged himself on Aug. 11, 2005, in the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill, where he was serving time in connection with a fatal crash.

“I’m just overwhelmed by all of this,” Bailey said after her reading. “It just seems like forever.”


The local newspaper, the Times Leader, featured this article today. I'm reposting it here because the article will be archived and not open for viewing.

Anyway, this case is a prime example of people not thinking critically and enlisting the help of super-naturalists in desperate situations. First, to get it out of the way and perhaps dismiss the obvious, psychics are frauds. They present no good evidence to back up their claims, have not submitted themselves to rigorous testing, etc. There's no good reason to believe that people have some sort of supernatural channeling powers.

Upon typing this "psychic's" name on Google, I found her website which offers "private phone readings." A thirty minute phone session is $155, a 45 minute session is $225, and an hour phone session is $310.

I easily found that this "psychic" has a Facebook page that she updates and sent her this message:

"Hello, I saw that you were featured in a local newspaper article that was posted on your Facebook page and the Times Leader.

I am a skeptic and atheist activist in NEPA who is a member of the NEPA Freethought Society.

I understand that you are internationally renowned and have a great fan base and acclaim. You should, as a service to others, demonstrate that your psychic abilities are valid so we know that you are truthful and sincere. I'll admit, I'm very skeptical of you and anyone else who claims supernatural abilities because I've seen no good evidence to suggest the supernatural.

James Randi of the JREF has a one million dollar challenge to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural abilities. So far no one has passed this test. You should take the test, "win," and donate one million dollars to a charity of your choice if you really do have powers.

If you don't like Randi, I would be more than happy, as a member of my organization to procure a test of your psychic abilities. If you would like to accept this test, we can work together to form the test, specify the conditions, and host this event in public.

You should have nothing to hide and should be willing to prove your abilities.

I hope to hear from you soon!

- Justin Vacula