Don't Support the Knights of Columbus

I've posted and have spoken a great deal about the Knights of Columbus' insidious efforts to oppose contraceptives, gay marriage, abortion, and sexual education. The organization is fundamentally opposed to many ideals that I hold, thus I make a point out of identifying their agenda. The Knights like to talk about their charitable works (and yes, they do do some good, but this doesn't make up for the harm that they cause) and their fraternal aspects, but they often don't advertise their religiously motivated goals of baning contraceptives, making abortions illegal, opposing gay marriage, etc.

The Knights of Columbus of King's College will be hosting a shoe sale this Thursday. Please don't support them or any of their activities if you care about gay rights or any of the other issues I presented above, for the organization is a staunch opponent of gay marriage and has funneled millions of dollars (and this is only one link) into anti-gay marriage initiatives and has recently funded a DVD that was sent to Catholic households in Minnesota with intentions of demonizing gays and rallying support against gay marriage. If you want to support the rights of homosexuals (and presumably you do), you should not support the Knights. While the individual members at King's may be well-meaning and not directly responsible for anti-gay marriage initiatives, they are still members of the organization and are helping those by giving legitimacy to their cause.

"The important thing is that the Knights of Columbus is, has been, and always will be firmly in favor of traditional marriage and against same-sex marriage," says the Knights of Columbus Vice President for Communications

If you are pro-choice, pro-sex education, for individuals making their own choices regarding life and death, pro-gay rights, and support the rights of people to make their own reproductive choices, you should not be giving a dime to the Knights of Columbus. If you want to give to charity, you have many other options. Shame on the Knights of Columbus and its members.